Our Online Marketing Strategy

Hello from Digital iWeb

Digital iWeb aims to help your business grow and be successful through deliver of social media management, branding, web design and creative content. For a start we could just begin by updating your existing website and content :)

What we can offer you is moving your business to the next level in 2015/2016 taking small steps which will result in prosperity for your business.

Digital iWeb wants to build strong business foundations for your business’s success.

Our plan for your success for online branding as well as web design services

  •       Communicate and understand your business clients
  •       Examine your target audience and many target the wrong consumer and lose money
  •       Define your online marketing strategy and ranking in Google
  •       Develop and implement action steps of engagement
  •       Make sure your website is compatible on all PC & Mobile devices

Do you require social media to brand your business or products once your website has been updated?

It’s a good question. You should care because social media is changing how marketing and communication work and how people connect with brands, whether planning your social media strategy in a consumer or B2B setting. When employed effectively, it presents your business with an affordable way to get measurable results quickly. It’s rapidly growing, and customers are increasingly turning to their peers for answers through social networks and other online tools and channels. These channels are precisely the places where your business needs to be present. But it has to be done the right way.

Case study: 

Facts and Stats on Social Media from last year of 2013 and will cover a 15% increase for 2015

Report from Jan 2014

The study examined The Gap between Social Media and Business Impact.


Almost every business has its social media channels set up but…

In business, social media is becoming a lot like email: every company has it. But, unlike email, organizations haven’t mastered how to effectively communicate through the likes of Facebook or the tweets of Twitter. What’s becoming very clear however is that adopting social media and understanding its impact on customer and employee relationships—and, also the bottom line—are not always linked? This disconnect between social media strategies and business value is forcing many executives to rethink their overall approach and the infrastructure they built to support it.

What problems those businesses seek?

Lack of support from executives and training for workers are among the major problems that keep companies from reaping the benefits of social media.

Employees of a quarter of the companies said that staffers received training in how to use and not to use social media to support the company.

How to make most of social media?

In order to get maximum value out of social channels, according to the report, companies need to establish clear social metrics that tie directly into their basic business streams while also allowing social channels to drive internal change. Training and accountability are also needed to avoid potential PR disasters.

Sum up

Nowadays, it’s not enough for your business to have an online presence via several social accounts. The study found that The Gap between Social Media and Business Impact is development of social business strategy.

Altimeter defines the evolution to a Social Business as:

The deep integration of social media and social methodologies into the organization to drive business impact.

Becoming social business is essential if you want to benefit from online marketing.

The two most important criteria for a successful social business strategy are that it is

1) Clearly aligned with strategic business goals of an organization, and

2) Has organizational alignment and support that enables execution of that strategy.

Good news is that this great research that can be applied at your size of business!