Product Social Feeds

Researching your audience

When we update your social feeds on Twitter, we first research articles in the media that are relevant to your products or competition. This is what makes us different to many Social Media agencies, as we are attentive to your social media requirements on a business level impact. We deliver:

  • Product knowledge \ Insight into your products
  • Brand identity \ which consumers or businesses would it appeal to?
  • Research and development in your market arena
  • Cross channel promotions for multiple products
  • Daily feeds on each social media platform
  • Inviting audience following to follow your social news feeds
  • We can provide a web app for client smart phone \ tablet download

Social media is not selling but rather brand and product recognition. The human mind works in the way that the sub-conscious will remember data that can lead to word of mouth and recognition. Eventually this leads to more hits on your website which in turn leads to the end result of sales or awareness of your products to your target audience.